MICCAI Challenge on Automatic Coronary Calcium Scoring


The purpose of the orCaScore challenge is to compare methods for automatic and semi-automatic coronary artery calcium scoring in cardiac CT scans. This evaluation framework was launched at the MICCAI 2014 workshops in Boston, USA, where we organized the Challenge on Automatic Coronary Calcium Scoring.


To participate in the challenge, interested teams can register on this website. After registration, training and test data can be downloaded. These data consist of a set of non-contrast enhanced ECG-triggered cardiac CT scans with corresponding CTA images, acquired on CT scanners from four different vendors. A reference standard has been manually annotated by experts in calcium scoring scans, i.e. non-contrast enhanced ECG-triggered cardiac CT. This reference standard is available for the training images.

Participating teams can score coronary calcium using their algorithms and submit their results obtained on the test data through this website. The results are evaluated by the organizers, reported back to the submitting teams and subsequently posted on this website.

To participate in the challenge, please visit the Register page.

More information is available in the following article: J.M. Wolterink et al. An evaluation of automatic coronary artery calcium scoring methods with cardiac CT using the orCaScore framework, Medical Physics, 2016.